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Frequently asked questions about violet wand machines

Question 1:

Hello, Could you tell me what Material the HANDLE of a violet wand is made of, and why do some look to be metal.Thanks.

Answer: this is the answer part


Question 2:

Do you provide a service for repairing and or restoring already owned vintage violet ray machines?

Answer: We are currently quite busy, but by all means, send us an email with a photograph and we will give you an honest appraisal.


Question 3:

Is it possible to buy just one electrode from you. I'm looking for a VE2V electrode for my Ifas machine. I was wondering if you sell the wands separately as l am wanting to purchase VE2V and VE2N. 

Answer: Occasionally we add electrodes to sell individually, but sometimes we just haven't got around to putting them into stock.  If there is a particular electrode you are after, we suggest you simply contact us


Question 4:

where can i find discount code

Answer: we don't do these 


Question 5:

Do you offer a repair service for wands purchased from yourselves outside of the one year guarantee period

Answer: The short answer is yes. You need to contact us, we would suggest you return just the control box and hand-piece, no point in risking the glass, and we will see what we can do.  We really need to see the device, so that we can assess the problem and provide you with an accurate quote. No work will be taken out without your prior approval/agreement


Question 6:

I am considering buying on of your used refurbs and wanted to ask if the power on them had in any way been changed from the original are they the same out put as they were originally

Answer: this is the answer part


Question 7:

I have an IFAS machine which I have used over the last 20 years, unfortunately the distributor - service center has closed down
So I'm glad I have found you - I have to tell you these machines get fantastic results. OK let's get started ,so is it alright by you to have the machine delivered to you

Answer:  All things are possible.  Cost wise it all depends on what needs to be done and/or what you want doing.  I need to have the units in front of me, to provided you with any quote.


Question 8:

I am looking for an antique violet wand. I live in Norway, and I wonder if you fit a right socket for the country you sell to before shipping?

Answer: Absolutely.  We always fit the right socket to match the mains output in whatever country we are shipping to - at no additional cost

Question 9:

Have you had any problems shopping to other country’s? (Stopped in customs etc).

Answer: We have shipped all over the world and always provide a tracking number.  Pre-Covid19 we only had one delay caused because the machine was in such immaculate condition they thought it could not be antique.  Since the outbreak of the pandemic, we have noticed some destinations are holding parcels for a 14 day period.


Question 10:

Do you rewire and upgrade all the electricity/capacitors in all your devices as a part the refurbishing?

Answer: Definitely


Question 11:

What is the run time on most of the devices?

Answer: This varies from machine to machine.  It also depends on how you intend to use your machine. Electricity generates heat.  The higher the output, the greater the heat, the less time you can run the machine before it needs to take a break.  We'd add bearing in mind all the older manuals tend to recommend treatments that are between 3 and 5 minutes


Question 12:

Hi, I bought a vintage violet wand set in Belgium, at a flea market - is that something you might be able to restore? I daren't plug it in, but it seems to be in reasonably good condition

Answer:  It is unadvisable to plug an unrestored antique device into the mains - and in some instances downright dangerous, cables perish with age and some fascias by their very nature could become live.  We do restorations, so in theory we'd be able to look at your device but recommend that you send us a photograph in the first instance.

Question 13:

Hi there, I was just wanting to ask which machine would be the most beneficial to purchase for health use?

Answer: We sell vintage scientific electrotherapy collectables which are fulling working order.  Any of our machines are perfectly good.  We tend to recommend Fluvitas (with a sleeved handpiece) or any IFAS type machines.  But it does depend on your intended use. 

Question 14:

Morning, can you tell me what a violet wand is used for and does it work?

Answer: Many of our customers use them for research.  Some claim the make you feel good.  As a fetishist with a kinaesthetic whole body appreciation, you certainly do experience a whole range of sensations, some gentle and soothing, some intense - the stimulation allegedly releases endorphins and damn this does make you feel good.  



Which type of electrode end is the most common and the easiest to replace if necessary?

Answer: Most electrodes we sell have an 11mm standard European end-cap.  Some electrodes are also much rarer than others.


Question 15:

Hi, Can you tell me if in the restoration of the machines that the exposed terminals and handle have been insulated and now the machine is "fail safe"? Many thanks 

Answer:  We believe Safety is paramount, where HV electricity and humans are concerned.  Exposed terminals ? Externally, all live surface mount terminals are either replaced or removed and blanked off.  Internally all terminations are fully insulated, the only exposed metal ware, are the points on the breakers...if these were insulated the device would fail to function.  The handles are fully potted (insulated), where necessary, some devices have factory potted inserts.
Fail safe ?  breakdown ? even Rolls Royce don't have a 100% breakdown record, which is why, if in the unlikely event you experience a breakdown with one our devices, you are in receipt of a one year RTB guarantee.  Fail safe in terms of hazard , nothing is 100% idiot proof, which is why we recommend using an RCD is employed. It's more than likely that you already have an RCD built into your household consumer unit (fusebox), but an additional plug in one might stop a room suddenly plunging into darkness . If used sensibly none of our devices should present any hazard during use.


Any Questions? Please get in touch with us

Thanks for contacting us - we'll reply as soon as we can!
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