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Quirky information, illustrations and treatments about violet wands

Sensational, sparky and safe

Our vintage violet wand sets are easy to use 

Tesla inspired high powered vintage electro-mechanical devices differ from modern solid state devices in terms of ozone production and bite.  Our vintage violet wand machines are used in sensual stimulation, erotic kink electro stimulation & bdsm bondage wand, fetish electro play. Some use high frequency violet rays for original electrotherapy treatments - an alternative medical device used by holistic practitioners as a healing aid to enhance well-being.

Suitable for a novice or experienced user. We make no claim they will cure your ails.

Each vintage violet wand offered for sale is unique, fully working and lovingly restored by ourselves - this means each violet ray we sell really is one of a kind. If you want to buy a violet wand device from our shop but are not quite sure which to choose, or simply need some advice, please contact us

Please note: should you consider purchasing a violet wand machine for health reasons, first consult a suitably qualified medical professional.

shoes hurt your feet.jpg
electro massage.jpg
Pain relief
Reverse contact
Ozone Therapy

Relieve those chilblains and weary feet

A hand held treatment and indirect massage to soothe

Use nasal attachment and rubber blower to pump ozone

calf massage for swimmers.jpg
Soothe muscular aches

reduce pain to stimulate healing

abdominal stimulation.jpg
Sports injuries

Alternative pain relief

breast treatment - Copy.jpg
Breast massage

Stimulate skin & cells to reduce pain

cellulite and pulled muscles.jpg
Cellulite treatment

Banish orange peel for smooth skin

Saturation treatment

saturate yourself with violet ray energy 

Deep tissue massage

Intense electro massage 

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